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Listening Clubs are events organized by Radio Ambulante listeners to hear and talk about our podcasts as a community.

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Host your own Listening Club+

Host your own Listening Club+

Listening Clubs+ can be organized independently by any listener. You can host your own using the tools and resources we have created for you. Organize your event and post it on this website, so people in your area can join and have a great conversation.



In order to help you organize a Listening Club+, here is a list of resources. We hope they are useful!


Radio Ambulante listeners have organized more than 120 Listening Clubs+ around the world. We interviewed more than 200 participants of these events, and these are some of the things they told us:

of the participants indicated that the Listening Clubs improved their understanding of the stories.
of the participants affirmed that the clubs allowed them to partake in conversations they would not usually have had in other spaces.
of the participants indicated that the quality of the communication is better in the clubs than via social media.

Frequent Questions (FAQs)

They are events in which individuals come together to listen and talk about an episode. It is a simple but powerful model. Listening to the stories as a community allows us to both strengthen personal connections and share new perspectives on the stories we hear.

The “Radio Ambulante Listening Clubs” are organized solely by members of the Radio Ambulante team. The “Listening Clubs +” can be organized independently by any listener. For legal reasons we (Radio Ambulante) cannot be responsible for what happens in these independent events.

We designed this platform for you to easily identify any other listeners organizing a Listening Club+ in your community. You can search via the map, or filter by country or city.

You can create your own Listening Club+. The first thing you need to do is complete the form on this page so other people in your area can see the event in the calendar and join.

It is a simple process and it’s described in detail in the Organizer’s Manual. First, you need to secure a place and a date for the event. Then, once people have signed up, you need to contact them. You can always delegate other responsibilities to others so that you do not have to do everything.

Normally, it lasts between 90 and 120 minutes. This includes the time necessary to listen to the episode as well as the group conversation.

The organizers will create a link in the calendar with a link to a closed Facebook group or to a WhatsApp group. When you find a Listening Club+ in your city, be sure to join the group so that you can communicate with other members prior to the event.

Of course. Please be sure to use the specific logo for Listening Clubs+.

When you create the event, you can choose if it’s open to the public or if people should contact the organizer prior to the event. If you are going to hold the event in a public place (bookstore, coffee shop, library, etc) we recommend that you choose the first option. If you’re going to host the event in your place, it would be better if you privately contact those who plan to attend and send them your address. Keep in mind that all the information you post when you create an event will be visible to other people.

We do not share your information with any third-party organizations. It is used exclusively by Radio Ambulante.