Listening Clubs are events that Radio Ambulante fans organize to listen to podcasts together, engage in conversation, and form a community. These events provide a chance to strengthen relationships, explore new topics, practice empathy, and expand one’s worldview.

They were born in 2018 after learning that hundreds of people were interested in discussing and reflecting on each new episode that we published in our Facebook group. So we thought that this very human activity of coming together to talk was what many members of our community were looking for. In 2019, we decided to test pilot clubs in four cities in Latin America and the United States to see if the in-person meetings would be successful, and it turned out that they were. Since then, our community has voluntarily organized hundreds of Listening Clubs around the world.

We are still growing. We believe that collective reflection builds more democratic and tolerant societies. We also believe that these are ideal spaces for making new relationships that enrich and allow us to see the world outside of a sounding board.

Not only do we believe this, but dozens of Listening Club participants have shared the same sentiment with us.



Radio Ambulante listeners have organized hundreds of Listening Clubs around the world. To be exact, on every continent, there has been at least one Listening Club. We interviewed more than 100 people who have participated in the meetings and this is what they think.